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Bookmarks for November 23rd:

Online backup – considering switch from Mozy to Backblaze

Mozy has been trying to back up my files since the support representative asked me to unselect and select my external drive. It started relinking all the files. Initially, it went very fast, i.e. it was at about 80% after one night. But since then it has never reached 100%. I have restarted the machine several times, stopped Spotlight indexing, etc. All to no avail.

I have been searching the internet since the problems started. It turns out that Mozy does not have very good support for external drives… I am currently using a trial version of Backblaze. This seems to have very good support for external drives. If the trial will go ok, I will probably switch. I am satisfied with the Mozy software on Windows and Mozy support. But I am disappointed in the quality of the Mac software.

Update: 03-02-2010

As pointed out by Online backups review, Backblaze is able to backup external drives. Please check out their site. It contains very useful information.