Links of the day (28 January 2017):

First impression: Eyefi Mobi Pro card (32GB)

Yesterday I received the brand new Eyefi Mobi Pro card. As a loyal Eyefi customer I was able to buy this with a large discount!

Today I set up the card. Here is my configuration:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 550D
  • Laptop: MBA

First, I browsed to the provided URL to download the Mac desktop software. In the app I needed to enter the activation code, snap some test pictures… and behold… pictures where transferring!

In this situation the card created it’s own network to which my MBA connected. From unpacking to transferring took me about 5 minutes (including replacing empty batteries for my camera ;-))

Now I changed the default folder to save the pictures to. Then I added my local Wifi network. This would result in that my MBA would not have to switch between networks. The Eyefi card checks whether a configured network is available before starting it’s own network.

At first transferring did not work. On my camera it said it was transferring, but nothing was appearing on my MBA. After a bit of trail and error it turned out that my camera was too close to my router. Now it works. Speed is decent!

This is just a first impression. I haven’t tested everything. What I did notice is that the “Endless memory feature” is not available on this card. I assume that this will be added via an update. This would be a big loss of functionality compared to the Eyefi Pro X2 card that I also have.

Please add this functionality Eyefi!