Unable to activate app store genius on iPhone 4

Since last week I have been trying to activate Genius from the app store app on my iPhone 4. Every time I get an error message stating that the iTunes store was unable to process my request. What’s going on?

I really appreciate this functionality since it helps me discover nice apps based on my current apps.

Can anyone advise about what to do? So far I did not find anyone with similar problems…

4 thoughts on “Unable to activate app store genius on iPhone 4

  1. I noticed this thread when searching for a solution. Unfortunately, no solution is listed there yet.
    But perhaps this will change soon since there seem to be a number of people experiencing the same problem.
    For me the app store genius worked perfectly on my iPhone 3G. Since I received my iPhone 4 and restored a backup from my 3G on my new one, it does not work anymore. I.e. I am unable to activate it.
    Time will tell… 😉

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