Picasa RAW export time issue has been fixed

In the past I have written a post about a bug in Picasa (post is in Dutch). The bug was that Picasa changed the timestamp when exporting a RAW file (Canon CR2) to JPEG.

I have tested this issue a few times since my post. Today I checked again. Now it seems to be working!

After the conversion there is still some metadata missing or changed a little bit. But that is not a big issue at all. A correct time is much more important since it is used for sorting in galleries, etc.

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How to publish pictures from Picasa 3.6 (Mac) to Gallery 2

Before I switched to my Mac I used a custom button in Picasa to publish pictures to my Gallery 2 site. Installing this on a Mac is little bit more complex…

This is what I did (please read it first, before you try it yourself):

  • read the thread about this custom button
  • noticed that the Mac version of Picasa is not mentioned at all
  • downloading the first zip file and storing it in ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Picasa3/buttons does not work (as a folder, zipped, zipped and renamed to pbz did not work)
  • installed the install file in the post from aquanox24 (2008-08-27 08:48): picasa://importbutton/?url=http://efehn.de/files/efehn_de.pbz
  • this will install a button that publishes pictures to efehn.de
  • Go to the folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Picasa3/buttons
  • rename efehn_de.pbz to yoursitename.pbz.zip
  • double click the zip file to extract the contents
  • open the folder yoursitename.pbz
  • open the .pbf file in a text editor
  • change all the references to efehn.de into the correct site name
  • change the url param into the correct URL. This is a very important step!
  • save the file
  • remove the original .pbz.zip file
  • right click the folder and select Compress “foldername
  • rename the .pbz.zip file to .pbz
  • start Picasa
  • Voila! your custom uploading button is finished.

Please check all the prerequisites on the site (see the forum thread for relevant links).