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Improve Picasa face recognition performance

A few weeks ago I wrote about the performance of Picasa face recognition. It is a great new feature, but in combination with my library it is very slow!

I tried to change the face recognition slider settings in the options menu, but to no avail. Yesterday I searched on the Internet and on a forum someone suggested to disable the ” enable suggestions” checkbox.

I disabled it and since then Picasa is much faster, more snappy. I let my computer run last night and the amount of scanned items went from 16% to 30%!

Furthermore, it still provides me with suggestions. I do not really understand what this checkbox is supposed to do. But I can conclude that it positively improves performance!

Picasa face recognition

How long is Picasa 3.5 with face recognition available for download? A few weeks? I downloaded it the minute I read about it.

Now since then I have been running Picasa whenever my PC was on. I even let it run a few nights, just for the scanning for the face recognition.

It currently has only scanned 14% of my library… Ok, my library contains about 124.000 photographs but still. Is there some way to tweak this face recognition apart from the two sliders in the options menu?