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Transfer from PC to Mac – Mozy

Yesterday, the Time Machine backup of my huge pictures collection was completed. So I decided to install Mozy’s Mac client software (

Mozy is an online backup solution. It provides “unlimited” backup storage online. I say unlimited because I am currently using about 330GB of storage.

You have to pay for each computer you use Mozy on. When buying a new computer it is possible to transfer the account to a new computer. Then it is no longer possible to backup from the old computer. On the new computer you can then restore the previously backed up files or of course configure the backup from scratch.

This functionality is not available when transferring cross platform, e.g. from Windows to Mac. And indeed, the client software returned an error when I selected to transfer my account.

To resolve this I logged on to the Mozy website and deleted my old computer. It warned me that all my data would be removed. I must admit it was a bit scary, but I confirmed.

Then I configured the Mozy client on my Mac and left it running for the night. This morning I noticed that it made huge progress: it already backed up 45% of 335GB of files!! I calculated that with a speed of around 750kb/s it would take around six weeks to complete. Now it is at 83%.

Somehow it must compare the newly backed up files with my old files (that should have been deleted, right?!?) and preventing them from actually re-uploading. That is a very nice solution. I remember it took weeks to complete the initial backup when I first started using the software.

Probably it remembers the deleted files for a period of time as someone suggested. But I did not expect this beforehand.

Way to go, Mozy!

Picasa face recognition

How long is Picasa 3.5 with face recognition available for download? A few weeks? I downloaded it the minute I read about it.

Now since then I have been running Picasa whenever my PC was on. I even let it run a few nights, just for the scanning for the face recognition.

It currently has only scanned 14% of my library… Ok, my library contains about 124.000 photographs but still. Is there some way to tweak this face recognition apart from the two sliders in the options menu?