Missing software on my Mac: eWallet

For quite some time I have been using eWallet. First on my PocketPC in combination with my desktop. Then after a few years on my iPhone in combination with my Windows desktop. Recently I have switched to a Mac and eWallet is not yet available for the Mac. Ok, they are working on it and there even is a preview of the upcoming Mac version, but this is not as useful as e.g. the full Windows version.

Search and synchronization with my iPhone does not work. Copy and paste also does not seem to work. Now I know how much I was depending on this piece of software. Every time I manually copy a complex generated password I wish their Mac version was finished 😉

eWallet 7 successfully installed

A few days ago I bought the new eWallet version. After installation I was unable to start the software on my PC. But yesterday I checked the website. They have released an updated version that works perfectly!

So for me the problemthe problem was fixed in three days. Not bad for a software company.

The sync with my iPhone worked immediately as well. Great!

eWallet upgrade to version 7 not successful (on Windows Vista / 7)

Yesterday I downloaded the new version of Iliumsoft‘s eWallet. I am a big fan of their software and have been using it for years.

But wait, after installing it it crashes every time I start it!!!

This happened on my Windows Vista home PC. I tried compatibility mode, run as administrator, but this did not help. I uninstalled the software, reinstalled Apple Bonjour, etc. No success!

On my work laptop it worked immediately after the first attempt! Today I also tried it in Windows 7 (on my home PC). There it crashed again.

Fortunately, I found a message on the site stating that there were problems with non-English versions of Windows… Hmmm, example of bad testing I guess.

But at least I know I am not the only one. I will just have to wait for the update…