Copy the file date to EXIF

On my iPhone I make pictures using Darkroom Premium. Since I use this software and not the standard application the EXIF data is not stored in the pictures. Not having the GPS information is not such a big problem. But not having a date and time is!

In this specific situation the file date and time corresponds with the date and time at which the picture was taken. To correct this on my PC I use a script that copies the file date to some EXIF fields.
The script uses exiftool by Phil Harvey which is a brilliant piece of software when you want to manipulate the metadata of a picture

(1) "C:\Program Files\exiftool\exiftool.exe" "-FileModifyDate>CreateDate" *.jpg
(2) "C:\Program Files\exiftool\exiftool.exe" "-CreateDate>DateTimeOriginal" *.jpg
(3) "C:\Program Files\exiftool\exiftool.exe" "-CreateDate>ModifyDate" *.jpg
(4) "C:\Program Files\exiftool\exiftool.exe" "-CreateDate>FileModifyDate" *.jpg


C:\Program Files\exiftool\ is the location of exiftool.
*.jpg are the files that need to be updated.

First the file modify date (FileModifyDate) is copied to the EXIF field CreateDate (1).

Then the  CreateDate is copied to DateTimeOriginal and ModifyDate (2 and 3).

By this changes the change date of the file is modified. Because of this this field (FileModifyDate) is restored again (4).

After the first copy action the field CreateDate is being used. This will not change during the script. The file date (FileModifyDate) will change with every operation. If you use this as “source” the EXIF fields will contain three different dates. You probably do not want this to happen 😉


I really appreciate this piece of software. Since 2000 I have a PDA and this piece of software was one of the first pieces of software that I bought for it. It is very convenient to always carry your passwords with you. The synchronise-with-PC-software feature makes it a winner!

When I just bought my iPhone I really missed software like this. Fortunately they released a iPhone version! After a number of updates this can also be synchronised with the desktop software. They also added search functionality after a few updates.

By using this software I can use very complex passwords that I cannot remember myself. This gives me a sense of extra security. I can recommend it to everyone!

Check this site for more information.

Mind mapping using Freemind

I have been using Freemind a number of years for mind mapping.

It appears a bit rough and technical. It has much more features than xmind, but xmind has a more slick interface.

Sreen dump:

Mind mapping software xmind open source

Apparently Xmind has become open source. Please check this link for more information.

I have not been using Xmind as long as for example Freemind, but what I like a lot is the striking interface. It is much more slick than Freemind.

The tool itself has less features than Freemind, but the interface and the slick printouts make up for that!