I have been using for quite sometime now. Today I have scrobbled song number 30,000!

This is not that much actually, considering that I have missed tons because the use of my iPod shuffle is not included. Also tons of songs were not scrobbled because of the conflicts that occurred when syncing both an iPod and iPhone to iTunes… Fortunately, I have an iPhone app that scrobbles tracks directly.

Today I have been searching for some nice visualizations and statistics based on my history.

Here is a list (compiled from various sources):

Have fun!

Porsche Panamera spotted in Delft

Last Friday I spotted a Porsche Panamera in the wild. What a nice car.

I just need a few more euros and then…

Improve Picasa face recognition performance

A few weeks ago I wrote about the performance of Picasa face recognition. It is a great new feature, but in combination with my library it is very slow!

I tried to change the face recognition slider settings in the options menu, but to no avail. Yesterday I searched on the Internet and on a forum someone suggested to disable the ” enable suggestions” checkbox.

I disabled it and since then Picasa is much faster, more snappy. I let my computer run last night and the amount of scanned items went from 16% to 30%!

Furthermore, it still provides me with suggestions. I do not really understand what this checkbox is supposed to do. But I can conclude that it positively improves performance!

Green Day concert

16 October Green Day performed in Ahoy Rotterdam. Even though I am more a fan of their old work, the concert was fun.

We were standing close to the roof, but even from there the view was good and the sound was great!

Check out these links:
Review of the concert on (Dutch)
Movies of the concert on youtube

I even made some (bad) pictures with my phone: