Using the iPad as imagetank while on holiday (iPad 2, Canon EOS 550D)

This year I decided to use an iPad 2 as an imagetank to store all my pictures on. It seemed like a good idea:

  • Plenty of storage (64GB)
  • Ability to view the pictures on a large screen
  • Ability to “use” the pictures (editing, mailing, etc.)
  • Ability to offload pictures from my iPhone as well as my Canon EOS 550D

Before I went away I tested it at home. My main goal was to determine whether the pictures and/or the metadata (EXIF) was modified. The pictures seemed to be unchanged. The metadata was changed slightly. It seemed that the timezone information was removed from the time fields. I have not checked this in more detail yet. At the time it seemed OK for my holiday pictures.

After being on holidays for a few days I noticed some artifacts or minor distortions in the pictures on the iPad. Oops… I tested putting the pictures on my iPad in two ways:

  1. Using the camera connection kit to read from the SDHC card
  2. Using my Eye-Fi Pro X2 card to send it via Wi-Fi to the iPad

In both scenario’s the artifacts/distortions started showing up.

Then I panicked!!! 😉 Was it the iPad or was my camera broken?!? On the camera the distortions were not visible. But the camera screen is much smaller than the iPad screen.

I wanted to try to mail one of the pictures so someone could check it on a computer. Unfortunately, there was no network coverage (T-Mobile) and we were unable to connect to a hotspot (KPN).

I decided to copy the pictures without removing them from my cards. I carried 8 + 4 + 16 GB, I assumed it would suffice for the holidays.

At home I got a very pleasant surprise: when importing the pictures from the iPad there were no artifacts / distortions whatsoever!

Conclusion: the artifacts / distortions are probably a result of a rendering error on the iPad. The pictures (and my camera) are OK!

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