iPad Camera Connection Kit – Will It Work On Other iDevices?

The Apple site lists some very nice iPad accessories. I think the keyboard dock and the multi functional case are beautiful. But what about the iPad Camera Connection Kit? I was wondering whether this will work on an iPod or iPhone as well. It would be very nice if it is possible to use your iDevice as an extra photo backup during holidays.

In the past they had a camera connector which was some sort of USB port to attach your camera to your iPod. This was very slow and thus a huge battery drain. Perhaps with this new accessory Apple might have sorted it out. We will probably just have to wait and see.

If it will work I just hope they will create a CompactFlash version as well 😉

2 thoughts on “iPad Camera Connection Kit – Will It Work On Other iDevices?

  1. Mac’s new innovation will eventually grow after the first pumped up launch during it’s launch. The touch screen and Mac’s potential to fix issues will help to make the product a success in for the forseeable future.

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