eWallet upgrade to version 7 not successful (on Windows Vista / 7)

Yesterday I downloaded the new version of Iliumsoft‘s eWallet. I am a big fan of their software and have been using it for years.

But wait, after installing it it crashes every time I start it!!!

This happened on my Windows Vista home PC. I tried compatibility mode, run as administrator, but this did not help. I uninstalled the software, reinstalled Apple Bonjour, etc. No success!

On my work laptop it worked immediately after the first attempt! Today I also tried it in Windows 7 (on my home PC). There it crashed again.

Fortunately, I found a message on the site stating that there were problems with non-English versions of Windows… Hmmm, example of bad testing I guess.

But at least I know I am not the only one. I will just have to wait for the update…

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